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I can’t log into my CCTV from my phone app?

The fact that most residential broadband connections have a variable external IP address, causes all sorts of issues when any server that requires Internet access (such as the http server in your CCTV recorder), is running on your home network.

Your external IP address is like a telephone number on the world-wide-web and tells everyone (who’s allowed to know) how to reach your Internet connection is. Now here’s the problem; most Internet service providers (ISPs) periodically change your external IP address. This is done for a number of reasons. Some ISPs don’t change your IP address unless for example, your router has changed and of course with some ISPs, you can for a small cost, apply for a fixed external IP address.

A device on the Internet that is told to point to your external IP address obviously won't be able to do that if your external IP address is constantly changing.

To get around this problem, we recommend using a DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server) service. Most modern routers have an option to set up DDNS and using such will advise any devices wanting to connect to a server that sits behind a variable external IP address to always be accessible.

As of the beginning of 2019 and where possible, we're updating customers' CCTV recorder firmware which allows users to take advantage of the Hikvision DDNS server. Once set up, your CCTV will always be accessible from your mobile phone for example, even if you change your ISP.

IMPORTANT: Firmware to include the new Hikvision service has only been written for newer CCTV recorders. If your system cannot be upgraded, you'll have to consider replacing your recorder.

A FINAL NOTE: We simply cannot assume any responsibility for changes to your Internet connection such as your external IP address. These things are just out of our control. We can only try to help as best we can.